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What we do:

Liz Friedland Consulting provides marketing communications, public relations and brand management services across three practice areas to strengthen the identities of individuals and brands.

Brand Strategy
Define brand personality for strategic growth

  • Brand Consulting
  • Public Relations
  • Visual Identity
  • Marketplace Insights
  • Naming
  • Collateral and Web Design Management
  • Business Development

Brand Awareness
Boost brand visibility and credibility

  • Marketing and Communication Execution
  • Media Outreach
    Digital | Broadcast | Print
  • Event Production
  • Social Media and Blogger Engagement
  • Celebrity Exposure
  • Influencer Marketing

Brand Growth
Create opportunities for continued success

  • Alliances and Black Book Introductions
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Product Line Extensions
  • New Brand Launches
  • Advertising Campaigns

Our approach:

Prioritizing honesty, tenacity and diligence in our communication efforts allows us to ensure brand success for clients over the short and the long-term.


Honest conversations lead to sustainable results. We take into account both our clients’ hopes and challenges in order to develop a realistic blueprint for success.


Armed with market research and competitive analysis tailored to our clients’ needs, we establish objectives, timetables and deliverables to create and galvanize brand identity.


Alongside trusted copywriters and graphic designers, we create publicity and marketing collateral with a consistent voice that complements the brand’s strengthened identity. Our efforts go beyond the content of a website or press packet to inform the look of a Twitter feed, the color of staff uniforms, even the music playing during a brand launch — every opportunity for the brand’s personality to shine through.


Equipped with a strong identity and consistent, clear positioning, we initiate a PR and marketing strategy focused on immediate, quantifiable results (increased media impressions and online hits, for example) that will open opportunities for brand growth and business development, such as strategic alliances and product line extensions.


Liz Friedland Consulting helps emerging and established brands hone their identities to better position them for success within the luxury health and wellness sector, and beyond.



Retail and e-commerce
Women’s Interests



Liz Friedland Consulting is a strategic marketing and communications firm specialized in growing brands and individuals in the luxury wellness sector. With over a decade of experience in public relations and brand management, LFC founder Liz Friedland has always believed that honest conversation leads to opportunity. Accordingly, the simple act of listening is the first part of the LFC work process. After identifying current and potential challenges for clients, LFC takes the pulse of the market to identify untapped opportunities for success. A discriminating perfectionist, Liz has purposely kept LFC small so that she can provide emerging brands and individuals with communication strategies that will expand their visibility in a way that is authentic, impactful, and sustainable over the long-term. Bolstered by a roster of communication experts in media relations, influencer marketing, digital strategy, design and production, LFC is able to provide the attention to detail associated with boutique firms with the full-scale brand services of a global agency.


Meticulous and levelheaded, Liz has always loved helping people solve problems in creative ways. While studying in the top-ranked communications program at the Syracuse University’s S.I Newhouse School of Communications, Liz realized that the strategic thinking she’d used to help family and friends solve problems could also be applied to brands.

A marketing internship at Columbia Pictures prepared Liz for her post-college position as PR and marketing associate at DreamWorks Pictures, where she acted as a liaison between the Los Angeles and New York offices, coordinating promotions for blockbusters like Shrek, Catch Me If You Can, and Old School.

After three years learning just how much work it takes to get audiences out to see a movie, Liz brought her burgeoning communications expertise to the world of beauty and fashion. Her finesse and determination saw her named account director of the fashion department at the renowned PR firm, Tractenberg & Co. a mere year after her arrival. Using the media landscape knowledge garnered from her years in the entertainment industry, she increased her clients’ visibility through aggressive, yet targeted brand placement in print, broadcast, and online outlets. Her track record delivering incredible results for labels and retail powerhouses like Ella Moss, Splendid, Searle, Ron Herman, Mackage and Liz Lange Maternity earned her another quick promotion to senior fashion director. It was in this role, working one-on-one with emerging and established brands, that Liz realized she had the passion and the skill set to offer clients services and strategy far beyond PR.

Liz founded Liz Friedland Consulting in 2010, and has been helping luxury clients hone their identities ever since. A strategic storyteller, she helps companies strengthen and clarify their brand identity before delivering press, so that they’re well prepared for success when it arrives. A firm believer in the credibility of broadcast and print (especially when paired with the brand-boosting potential of digital and social media), her results span placements and feature stories in national publications including, The New York Times, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, W, Time, Town & Country, Details, Men’s Journal, Women’s Health and Self; online media such as Daily Candy, TechCrunch, Urban Daddy, CNN, Bon Appetit, Inc., Forbes; and television programs like Oprah, The Today Show, E! and Bloomberg.

Liz’s honesty, perfectionism and emphasis on long-term thinking coupled with her personal commitments to healthy living have helped her carve out a niche in the luxury lifestyle and wellness sector, where she manages such brands as FITiST.com, Tricia Williams, Food Matters NYC, Aerospace High Performance Center, Michael Olajide, Jr. and Christianne Philips. When she’s not helping people express the best sides of themselves, Liz is a volunteer coordinator for The Art of Elysium, a foundation that provides healing through the creative arts for hospitalized children; a mentor at SUMMA (Syracuse University Mentor Mentee Alliance); and a member of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). Liz lives in New York City with her French bulldog.

Success Stories

A luxury nutritional counseling service wasn’t connecting with its target audience.

Food Matters NYC (FMNYC)

The brand's potential:

Founded by the chef, culinary artist and holistic nutrition expert, Tricia Williams, Food Matters NYC is a luxury food and nutritional counseling service dedicated to delivering optimal health to clients.

The challenge:

Timid, incongruent branding was keeping this small business from deserved exposure and growth.

The solution:

A complete brand identity overhaul was initiated including logo, website, and marketing collateral, along with a refined menu of services. Naming systems were introduced to support product line extensions. With the brand correctly re-positioned as a luxury service, LFC launched a hyper-targeted media and marketing campaign with top-tier media outlets and developed demographic- appropriate strategic alliances.

The results:

By positioning Tricia Williams as a wellness expert, LFC landed her a bi-weekly “Junk Food Makeover” column with Bon Appetit online, a full-page feature in Marie Claire Magazine, and a contributing blogger slot with the Huffington Post.
Targeted placements in top publications (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Details, Oprah, Inc.) and private tastings with senior editors from highly circulated lifestyle, fashion and food outlets (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, Departures, Bon Appetit) secured FMNYC as the premier resource for customized, organic culinary nutrition and holistic food counseling. Within a year of moving into a larger kitchen, Tricia had a waitlist of VIP clients for her meal delivery and had to move into another space four times the size of the one she had been using to handle the increased demand. Her celebrity clients quadrupled, her private client list tripled and her corporate clients in fitness, beauty and fashion doubled. Strategic alliances with celebrity trainers and the beauty maven, Bobbi Brown, created high profile, synergistic resonance for the brand, positioning FMNYC as an “it” resource for haute health-conscious eaters today.

Inconsistent naming and a confused brand identity kept a Doctor-developed cleansing system from market success after its launch. The CEO wanted sales results, and quickly. How would LFC re-introduce an existing brand?

Dr. Frank Lipman and Eleven Eleven Wellness

The brand's potential:

An internationally recognized expert in Integrative and Functional Medicine, Dr. Frank Lipman’s personal brand of healing at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City helped thousands of people reclaim their vitality and zest for life. As a popular author and renowned expert, Dr. Lipman’s three-step cleanse system “Total Renewal” had potential for success.

The challenge:

Dr. Lipman’s personal cleansing system, “Total Renewal” and his private practice, “Eleven Eleven Wellness” had already been launched and introduced to the media by the time Dr. Lipman contacted LFC. The fact that consumers couldn’t identify the relationship between “Eleven Eleven Wellness” and “Total Renewal” with Dr. Lipman himself was creating customer confusion and negatively affecting the credibility of the brand. Dr. Lipman wanted improved press and sales results quickly. How could LFC improve the brand’s introduction to the public the second time around?

The solution:

In order to improve brand awareness, LFC focused on strengthening and unifying Dr. Lipman’s brand identity before further outreach to the media. Working in tandem with a strategic communications expert, LFC advised using Dr. Lipman’s name on all products and marketing collateral to leverage his reputation as an expert, and developed and trademarked the tagline “Dr. Frank Lipman, The Voice of Sustainable Wellness”™. The cumbersome three-step cleanse program was broken down into three separate products with specific benefits; a sales-driven approach that further clarified brand identity and paved the way for product line extensions. His personal website was redesigned and structured with a call to action that ran across the respective websites for his product line, private practice, store and blog to make it easier to purchase his products and books. All marketing collateral was redrafted—including visual identity, press materials and social media networks—to further support the revitalized positioning.

The results:

The brand identity re-positioning work that LFC executed secured Dr. Lipman a coveted spot on the competitive Advisory Board of Women’s Health magazine. Daily Candy also came on as a strategic media partner, giving Dr. Lipman the opportunity to share a video of himself taking an editor on an instructive grocery tour during the all-important first week of January 2011. The video went viral, and supported by other media placements, traffic and sales increased on a consistent basis. The strategic branding advice given to Dr. Lipman at a make-it-or- break-it moment in his career paved the way for the tremendous success “Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman” enjoys today as a purveyor of over fifty wellness products endorsed by celebrities such as Donna Karan, Kyra Sedgwick and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

A visionary online fitness concierge was ready to go to market. But were consumers ready for it?


The brand's potential:

FITiST.com is a one-stop fitness scheduler and concierge providing users with a single membership to a vetted and curated selection of boutique studios across New York and Los Angeles. Championing the idea of “muscle confusion” for optimal results, FITiST was approaching the market with a stylish, results-orientated, user-friendly fitness offering that could turn the one- gym membership model on its head. With last-minute deals and a black book of add-on wellness services, the brand was positioned to be a first-in-class success story.

The challenge:

By offering consumers an entirely new approach to working out, FITiST represented a tremendous on-trend opportunity within the fitness and business sector. But in order for the brand to succeed, FITiST had to challenge consumer’s present notions of what gym membership and working out looked like, and make people not just comfortable, but have-to-have it desirous of the offline services this online business sold.

The solution:

LFC leveraged the FITiST founders’ backgrounds to position them as thought leaders in the business and fitness world by targeting top-tier lifestyle and business editors. LFC helped FITiST create strategic partnerships with elite trainers, fashion figures and luxury retailers to cement the brand’s reputation as an insider, cutting-edge brand with an eagle-eye for spotting the best. LFC produced standing- room-only media, influencer and consumer workout events to introduce FITiST to key demographics and secured visible health-conscious ambassadors including The Today’s Show Natalie Morales and the Vogue “It Girl” and model, Lily Kwong.

The results:

After landing steady press coverage in national publications and online media, including The New York Times, W, Details, Self, Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue, Self, and Daily Candy, the FITiST founders landed guest writer spots for Inc.com and The Huffington Post. A surge in brand awareness and demand brought FITiST over 300 million media impressions in the first year alone. Key alliances were forged with celebrity trainers David Kirsch, Mari Winsor and Ramona Braganza to increase brand credibility. Nearly one hundred fitness, health and beauty companies partnered with FITiST that same year and strategic relationships were developed with The Hearst Corporation, Team in Training, Marie Claire magazine, W Hotels and Fred Segal. In addition to positioning the co-founders as experts in the lifestyle and fitness fields, FITiST emerged as a leading voice in trend curation, with influencers the world over looking to them to find out what was coming next.

Brands we've worked with

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  • "Liz Friedland is a masterful pro. It’s rare and refreshing to work with someone who is so uber-competent and hyper intelligent. This woman is in a class all by herself."

    Michelle Conlin, Senior Reporter at Reuters, former Senior Editor at BusinessWeek Magazine

  • "Bottom line: Liz got Splendid onto Oprah (a.k.a the holy grail of press). So it should almost go without saying that she is an unbelievably diligent person. Having an entire outfit featured on Oprah made us an instantaneous household name, which in turn, dramatically increased profitability and opened up countless new opportunities for Splendid as a brand."

    Moise Emquies, Founder of Mo Industries (Splendid and Ella Moss)

  • "She never wasted my time and knew exactly what stories to pursue and what to let go of."

    Clarissa Cruz, Features Director at O, The Oprah Magazine and former Style Editor at People Magazine

  • "She works from her inner self and this is what makes her stand out from the rest."

    Lisa Curran, Designer and Founder of Lisa Curran Swim

  • "One of Liz's greatest strengths is her ability to understand the marketplace, the key figures, and from there, the relevant press - she is able to see the big picture. Liz uses this knowledge and has been able to build our brand in a smart and effective way. I would say another strength is her inability to accept the word "no"!"

    Blake Brody, Creator or Blake Brody In-Studio Footwear®

  • "Liz has been with us since day one, and our brand would certainly not be where it is today without her. She brought us more press than we ever thought we would have upon launching our business, and continues to be an integral part of our team as we grow our brand to the next level"

    FITiST co-founders, Neda Talebian-Funk and Caroline Limpert

  • "Liz brings a powerful combination of experience and creativity to marketing projects. She not only knows the ins and outs of the media landscape, but she provides invaluable insight on trend, branding and the product development cycle. Liz is also extremely tenacious; she puts her clients first and she makes sure their objectives are achieved."

    Jack Davies, Founder of Collective Wellbeing and Davies Gate

  • "Liz Friedland was a crucial part of our US success. Her marketing strategies enabled us to easily transition from a wholesale company to a thriving retail business. Even though she was an outside consultant she had contagious passion and commitment that caused the fashion community to easily embrace our brand."

    Tara Mulhare, Luxury Retail Growth Consultant

  • "Liz Friedland is an honest, motivated and creative businesswoman. She is truly passionate and believes in the product and what goes into building a brand. She works from her inner self and this is what makes her stand out from the rest."

    Lisa Curran, Designer and Founder of Lisa Curran Swim

  • "Liz is a supremely savvy, honest and dedicated brand-builder. She is very knowledgeable about the lifestyle sector and how to navigate it."

    Jessica Gold, Business Consultant, formerly Director of Marketing at Liz Lange Maternity


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