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What we do:

Liz Friedland Consulting helps emerging and established brands hone their identities to position them for long-term success. With a precise blend of marketing communications, public relations, and brand management, LFC taps into the media and consumer zeitgeist, building buzz and demand that grow into revenue.

Define brand personality for strategic growth

  • Integrated PR & Marketing Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketplace Insights
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design Management

Boost brand visibility and credibility

  • Media Outreach
  • Influencer Seeding & Engagement
  • Community Building
  • Content Creation
  • Online, Social & Digital Media

Create opportunities for continued success

  • Business Development
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Blackbook Introductions
  • Product Line Extensions
  • Technology Expansion

Our approach:

Whether a client’s brand is emerging or established, we examine its core values and context; hone its message; and develop an integrated strategy to get that message heard by the people that matter.


We begin with honest conversation. A deep understanding of our clients’ hopes and challenges allows us to develop a realistic blueprint for sustainable success.


We collect hard data about current and emerging markets and conduct a competitive analysis in order to arm ourselves with the necessary facts to build a creative strategy.


We establish objectives, timetables, and deliverables to create and galvanize brand identity, making sure the company’s voice is clear and consistent in every touchpoint of the brand, from social media to print marketing copy to in-person brand experiences.


We initiate a PR and marketing strategy working in tandem with operations, creative, and finance teams. We focus on results  that will lead to increased awareness, sales, and revenue as well as open opportunities for future brand growth and business development.


Liz Friedland Consulting flourishes at the intersection of culture, wellness, and now, with clients--both niche and global--in the following sectors:

Food & Beverage 

Travel & Hospitality 

Retail, E-Commerce & M-Commerce



Founded in 2010, Liz Friedland Consulting is a strategic marketing and communications firm that specializes in launching and growing brands in the wellness and lifestyle sector. LFC founder Liz Friedland has always believed that honest conversation leads to opportunity. Accordingly, the simple act of listening is the first part of the LFC work process. Current and past clients include an enviable roster of pioneers, innovators, and category leaders, including CrossFit NYC, Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman, AKT/Anna Kaiser, Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Michael Olajide, Jr., Aerospace NYC, FITiST.com, Food Matters NYC, Hacienda del Sol in Costa Rica, and Woom Center.  

Liz Friedland

With over 16 years of experience in public relations and brand management, Liz Friedland has developed a reputation for her ability to lead companies through make-or-break transitions. Friedland has the uncanny ability to visualize the full potential of any project, an eye for spotting untapped markets, and a gift for pairing brands with the key partners to help their business skyrocket.

Friedland combines a personal passion for living holistically with a flair for forecasting trends and developing emerging talent.  Her discerning eye and high standards for expertise have served her well at LFC, as well as in the first half of her career, when she worked with iconic brands in entertainment, fashion and beauty, such as DreamWorks, MGM, and L’Oreal. Signature achievements of those years was helping lay the groundwork for Mo Industries’ sale to VF Corp and was part of the marketing team that helped Shrek reach an opening weekend take of $42 million.

Driven by a genuine passion for improving people’s lives and a curiosity about what drives consumer behavior, Friedland is always anticipating what the market will demand. She’s a partner in Amplifly, a tech consultancy that accelerates the value of businesses by helping them realize their potential in the digital realm, as well as a partner in Orbit, a curated collective & brand management firm that liaises between creative individuals and like-minded brands. She also serves as an advisor to Everywear and an early investor in Ideapod – two innovative technology based startups refining the way we connect, communicate, and live.  Friedland is also honored to mentor young entrepreneurs and those in transition.  She’s a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Communications.

Success Stories

A luxury nutritional counseling service wasn’t connecting with its target audience.

Food Matters NYC (FMNYC)

The brand's potential:

Founded by the chef, culinary artist and holistic nutrition expert, Tricia Williams, Food Matters NYC is a luxury food and nutritional counseling service dedicated to delivering optimal health to clients.

The challenge:

Timid, incongruent branding was keeping this small business from deserved exposure and growth.

The solution:

LFC initiated a complete brand identity overhaul including logo, website, and marketing collateral, along with a refined menu of services. We also introduced naming systems to support product line extensions. With the brand correctly re-positioned as a luxury service, LFC launched a hyper-targeted media and marketing campaign with top-tier media outlets and developed demographic-appropriate strategic alliances.

The results:

By positioning Tricia Williams as a wellness expert, LFC landed her a bi-weekly “Junk Food Makeover” column with Bon Appetit online, a full-page feature in Marie Claire Magazine, and a contributing blogger slot with the Huffington Post. Targeted placements in top publications (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Details, Oprah, Inc.) and private tastings with senior editors from highly circulated lifestyle, fashion, and food outlets (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, Departures, Bon Appetit) positioned  FMNYC as the premier resource for customized, organic culinary nutrition and holistic food counseling. Within a year, Tricia had a waitlist of VIP clients for her meal delivery: her celebrity client list quadrupled (as did her kitchen space to accommodate growth); her private client list tripled; and her corporate clients in fitness, beauty, and fashion doubled. Strategic alliances with celebrity trainers and the beauty maven Bobbi Brown created high profile, synergistic resonance for the brand, positioning FMNYC as an “it” resource for haute health-conscious eaters.

Inconsistent naming and a confused brand identity kept a doctor-developed cleansing system from market success after its launch.

Dr. Frank Lipman and Eleven Eleven Wellness

The brand's potential:

An internationally recognized expert in Integrative and Functional Medicine, Dr. Frank Lipman’s personal brand of healing at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City helped thousands of people reclaim their vitality and zest for life. Given Dr. Lipman’s popularity, his three-step cleanse system “Total Renewal” had potential for success.

The challenge:

Dr. Lipman’s personal cleansing system, “Total Renewal” and his private practice, “Eleven Eleven Wellness” had already been launched and introduced to the media by the time Dr. Lipman contacted LFC. But consumers couldn’t identify the relationship between “Eleven Eleven Wellness” and “Total Renewal” with Dr. Lipman himself was creating customer confusion and negatively affected the credibility of the brand. Dr. Lipman wanted improved press and sales results quickly. How could LFC improve the brand’s introduction to the public the second time around?

The solution:

In order to improve brand awareness, LFC focused on strengthening and unifying Dr. Lipman’s brand identity before further outreach to the media. Working in tandem with a strategic communications expert, LFC advised using Dr. Lipman’s name on all products and marketing collateral to leverage his reputation as an expert, and developed and trademarked the tagline “Dr. Frank Lipman, The Voice of Sustainable Wellness”™. The potentially confusing three-step cleanse program was broken down into three separate products with specific benefits; a sales-driven approach that further clarified brand identity and paved the way for product-line extensions. His personal website was redesigned and structured with a call to action that ran across the respective websites for his product line, private practice, store, and blog to make it easier to purchase his products and books. We redrafted all marketing collateral—including visual identity, press materials, and social media networks—to further support the revitalized positioning.

The results:

LFC’s brand repositioning, in conjunction with a UX overhaul, online facelift and new integrated marketing strategy, translated into immediate ROI. Our work secured Dr. Lipman a coveted spot on the competitive Advisory Board of Women’s Health magazine, as well as a strategic media partnership with Daily Candy, giving Dr. Lipman the opportunity to share a video of himself taking an editor on an instructive grocery tour during the all-important first week of January 2011. The video went viral, and, supported by other media placements, traffic and especially sales increased on a consistent basis. The company is now a multi-million dollar global business that’s attracted strategic investment. From its humble beginnings offering one 3-part cleanse, “Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman” today sells multiple product categories and over fifty wellness products endorsed by celebrities such as Donna Karan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

A 20-year-old eco resort tucked away in the Costa Rican jungle had failed to change with modern times and lost its competitive edge.

Hacienda del Sol

The brand's potential:

Founded by medicine woman and global nomad Menlha Bruneau, Hacienda del Sol earned a reputation as the destination for legitimate healers and the ultimate detox cleanse. Clients returned year after year to the resort, whose remote location and lush surroundings enabled it to be ecologically self-sustaining.

The challenge:

The new owners, Menlha’s daughter and her husband, had no experience in hospitality or in marketing. While they had a vision, they were unable to articulate it or ultimately organize it into a cohesive plan. They knew they needed help but had no idea what kind or where to find it. Could they make over an aging business while not losing its charm and core clientele?

The solution:

LFC conducted a full brand immersion and analysis of the competitive space to enlighten the new owners and identify HDS’s unique offerings and positioning. We then built that into a brand deck including mission, values, philosophy, target customer, points of differentiation, key messaging points, and opportunities for new revenue streams. Once equipped with the roadmap and brand DNA, the next phase of brand development could be initiated. LFC brought in a professional photographer to capture the beauty of the scenery and the food; sought and vetted a digital agency to overhaul the web site; supervised the implementation of the online site map/layout/categories, flow/navigation, improved online booking, staff narratives, and expanded offerings.

The results:

Since LFC set the brand-repositioning in motion, HDS has capitalized on an elevated brand profile without alienating its loyal customer base. Now it occupies a higher price point to appeal to more savvy and sophisticated clientele. The revitalized online campaign that LFC spearheaded and directed has made HDS a contender in the eco-chic market. Website traffic increased by 78.9% and a streamlined online booking process increased visits to the online booking and checkout pages by 90.6%. Moreover the new owners’ LFC-led self-awareness has allowed them to set future goals for themselves in terms of expanded programing, sell-through on rooms for longer stretches of time, increased bookings in the off-season, and more teaching and educational opportunities.

Brands we've worked with

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  • "Bottom line: Liz got Splendid onto Oprah (a.k.a the holy grail of press). So it should almost go without saying that she is an unbelievably diligent person. Having an entire outfit featured on Oprah made us an instantaneous household name, which in turn, dramatically increased profitability and opened up countless new opportunities for Splendid as a brand."

    Moise Emquies, Founder of Mo Industries (Splendid and Ella Moss)

  • "Liz was the first person to assess the brand from a holistic perspective, and was able to identify blocks that we couldn’t see were in the way of our sales and growth. Her insistence on brand integrity and consistency of voice and experience primed us for the multi-million dollar sales and global reach we’ve since experienced."

    David Norton, Co-Founder & CEO, Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman

  • "One of Liz's greatest strengths is her ability to understand the marketplace, the key figures, and from there, the relevant press - she is able to see the big picture. Liz uses this knowledge and has been able to build our brand in a smart and effective way."

    Elian & David Zach-Shemesh, Co-Founders of Woom Center

  • "Liz Friedland was a crucial part of our US success. Her marketing strategies enabled us to easily transition from a wholesale company to a thriving retail business. Even though she was an outside consultant she had contagious passion and commitment that caused the fashion community to easily embrace our brand."

    Tara Mulhare, Luxury Retail Growth Consultant

  • "Liz has been with us since day one, and our brand would certainly not be where it is today without her. She brought us more press than we ever thought we would have upon launching our business, and continues to be an integral part of our team as we grow our brand to the next level"

    FITiST co-founders, Neda Talebian-Funk and Caroline Limpert


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